This is the place for Professional Intuitive Guidance and Support.I have been an Intuitive since early childhood and have a long track record of success with my Intuitive Services. I can help you on your awakening path.
I use Astrologyto guide you on current trends and transits to keep you focused on your goals and direction as well as keeping your energetic path clear for your future growth.
2014 is a challenging year,requiring the utmost in creativity and adaptability for people and business.Flexibilty is a must. I can help you navigate through what sometimes appears as a murky path.
Pluto in Capricorn for approximately 12 to 14 years is about the breaking down of an old paradigm and the rebuilding of a new. Where are you in this process?

Vinnie E. Allbritton, Spiritual Counselor/Consultant
This page was last updated: October 22, 2014
Important Aspects in 2014

Solar eclipses bring about external events from internal sources which we are not aware of. They also shine the light on that which you have succeeded in, and then can help others with.
Lunar eclipses can accelerate those internal emotions which then stimulate changes in our feelings regarding people and/or situations in our lives. 
The way to think about any eclipse is that it activates change; in order for new growth to manifest, we must release what no longer works for us.
Important eclipse dates this year are :

Apr 15  -   Lunar Eclipse @ 25 LIbra 16
April 29 -  Solar Eclipse  @  8Tau 52
Oct 8 -      Lunar Eclipse   @ 15  Aries 5
Oct 23 -     Solar Eclipse   @ 0 Sco 25

Please also take into account any “blue moons” occurring this year as these trigger earthquakes such as the one in Haiti. If you live in an earthquake prone area make sure that you have all that you need if your area suffers disruptions.

Mercury Retrograde dates
Here are the dates for 2014
February 6 to 28
June 7 through July 2
October 4 to 25

Remember it is easier to flow with the river than row against it!